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Plots in Noida Sector 105

Plots in Noida Sector 105

One of Noida's most prominent residential sectors is Sector 105. This residential area comprises a plethora of blocks and pockets, including gated communities and solitary homes.

Residential plots for sale in Sector 105 Noida are surrounded by trees, giving the area a fresh appearance with abundant greenery. Hazipur and some more sectors, including 93, 98, 100, and 104, are some of the neighboring localities. There are roughly 25 rental units and approximately 70 for sale in the area. The Noida Sector 105 Plot Rates per square foot in the area range from 3,684 to 1,40,000.

The prices for the available properties range from 80 lakh to 1 crore, 1.8 crores to 2 crores, and 3.4 crores to 3.6 crores. The locality offers three different rooms of size 3 bhk, 6 bhk, and 7 bhk. The most popular among these are three-bedroom homes. The different property types in the area include villas, multi-story flats, residential houses, and residential pots. Of the four types of properties being auctioned in the area, villas are the costliest.

Advantages of choosing Plots in Noida Sector 105

● There are many guesthouses and hotel options in sector 105.
● The area lies along the Noida Expressway and Link Road.
● Many different employment centers in the area offer a lot of job opportunities.
● All required amenities are available within a mere 5–10 km radius of the locality.
● It is worth investing in real estate here because the area is well-located and has access to all amenities.

It can be tiring to locate a suitable house quickly in today's hectic society; given its closeness to the capital city and growing appeal to various global corporations, Noida is assumed to grow into a megalopolis soon. The growth rate has accelerated more than ever due to the new airport in Jewar, which will boost sales of projects in Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway.

Plots in Noida Sector 105 Location Advantage

The Noida sector 105 offers some of the best plots in the entire Noida.

The estate is large and has well-maintained internal roadways. It is located along the Noida Expressway and connected to it by a service road. The gated community is at a pretty good spot, and the expressway is well-maintained. Most of the basic amenities like hospitals, schools, colleges, and markets can be accessed in a range of two kilometers.

The Vishwakarma Road provides good road connectivity, which is another crucial element for the sector's prosperity.
Both Botanical Garden (Blue Line) and Sector 83 (Aqua Line) metro stations are 6 and 7 kilometers apart, respectively.


Apart from the plots with great locations and mouth-watering deals, the Noida Sector 105 also promises to fulfill all the basic and even some of the luxurious needs of its residents, for example:

● Plenty of commute options like bus stops and airports.
● Health care centers
● Educational institutions ( Schools and independent coaching institutions )
● Shopping Malls
● Supermarkets and shopping plazas
● Hotels and Restaurants
● Gyms
● ATMs

Unique Selling Point of Noida Sector 105

If your dream house looks like a spacious, stylish, and comfy space that not only satisfies your aspirations of living in a well-groomed house but also comes under budget, then plots in Noida Sector 105 are waiting for you.

Some unique plus points of plots of Noida sector 105 are:

● The value of land in the region is expected to rise significantly in the coming years due to the presence of many commercial properties.
● The locality is home to many famous tourist attractions, including the popular Shri Jagdishwar Vidya Temple.
● Sector 105 is expected to experience tremendous expansion in the near future due to its high-end residential and commercial properties.

Plots Details

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Block B & C Plots 112 sq meter +91-7289000808
Block B Plots 162 sq meter +91-7289000808
Block A Plots 200 sq meter +91-7289000808
Block D Plots 300 sq meter +91-7289000808

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