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Kissan Quota Plots Noida

5% Farmer Quota Plots in Noida

What are Kisan Quota Plots ?

Farmer Quota plots in Noida are allotted to farmers on behalf of the land acquired by the Development Authority. These are also known as Kissan Quota plots. They are defined on a different ratio. 5% plots means these are 5% of the total land acquired by the Authority. The percentage keeps on varying with the authority. These plots are directly allotted to the farmers at the time land acquired as compensation. The registry is done directly to the name of the farmer and is allotted nearby authority developed sectors. These plots do have facilities like proper sewage, drainage management, electricity, water supply with effective planning. These are similar to Noida authority plots as these 5% plot sectors are developed by Noida Authority. In Noida, you get these 5% plots in the following sector :

‣ Sector 63 A
‣ Sector 70
‣ Sector 71
‣ Sector 72
‣ Sector 105
‣ Sector 116
‣ Sector 121
‣ Sector 122
‣ Sector 135

These Noida authority developed plots are sometimes also termed as Noida residential village quota plots. The kissan quota noida plots prices are comparatively lesser than that of Noida Authority Plots. These plots are always allotted at the prime locations. We have 6% plots in Noida Extension and 7% Plots in Yamuna Expressway

Advantage of buying Villa Quota Plots :

‣ Same Development Authority
‣ No Legal Issue
‣ Legality can be easily validated through the Authority 
‣ Proper Sewage and Drainage Planning
‣ Always Surrounded by the Green Lus
‣ Better Future Infrastructure Development 
‣ Low Circle Rate
‣ Higher Appreciation
‣ Strategic Locations
‣ Smaller Ticket Size
‣ Smaller plots sizes available

Tips before buying Farmer/ Kissan/Village Quota Plots in Noida :

1. The allotment documents must be verified from the Noida Authority. The process is simple and can be done with the help of any generic advocate. You can easily validate the identity of the Farmer to whom the land was allotted.
2. The Construction right defines the level of construction allowed. One should know how many floors are allowed.
3. A Buyer should check for all the NOC like water, electricity.
4. Interested Buyer not forget to collect allotment letter, possession letter, id proofs of the farmer to whom the allotment was done from NOC.
5. No Dues Certificate is must to have so that there is no future liability.

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